PT Theresa Called to the Frontline of Ministry
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Theresa is a skilled and dynamic teacher who can rightly
divide the Word of Truth.
She is very sensitive to the needs of women and children.
From this compassion, she founded this ministry within
Empowered With Knowledge,
where women and their families gather to address issues
that are critical to the maturity of Christians everywhere.


Prophetess Theresa vision is implemented in three dimensions:

              1st Dimension: Outer Court

Bring in the unsaved.

Bring back the prodigal and the back slider. (Learn to accept and restore)

Bring the body of Christ into an awareness of its role in our community. 

  2nd Dimension: Inner Court

(Make disciples/teach/Become Christ-Like )

Who I am in Christ? (Be confident in our relationship)

Moving in the assurances of our heritage and united.

The Body of Christ working together in Christ-like order.  

                           3rd Dimension: Holy of Hollies

Worshiping God in His holiness, as a way of life.

Residing in God’s presence and responding with God’s love. 

The community worshiping and working in harmony as the Body of Christ is designed. (Not me but we)