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Why should I NOT hold on to anger?

History is filled with unselfish acts by peoples who were motivated by anger-anger that was related to their concern for others. This kind of anger rises up quickly at the sight of injustice and disappears quickly as action is taken to remedy the situation. It is an unselfish kind of anger.
But there is another kind of anger that does not go quickly-it stays night after night after night and eventually poisons the heart of anyone that allows it to stay. If we allow it to stay, it has a negative effect on everything we say or do in life. This kind of anger is like the tip of an iceberg-an iceberg that can best be described as the kingdom of self. Left to ourselves, every person born into this world resists God's authority.

Pride enters in and we become angry - not the unselfish anger that Jesus exhibited on occasion, but a self-righteous anger that builds on itself and has the potential to destroy you, your families, your friendships, and your personal relationship with the Lord
Is angry going to poison you?

"Be not hasty in thy spirit to be angry: for anger resteth in the bosom of fools"  
Ecclesiastes 7:9